Blue Danube Film Festival
4 November 2017 - 4 December 2017- online


Here we have listed Blue Danube Film Festival categories. 

5 Categories:

Short Film - less than 45 minutes and more than 5 minutes  

Super Short Film - 5 minutes or less                           

Documentary Film - max. 45 minutes    

Animation Film - max. 45 minutes     

Experimental Film – max. 45 minutes     

+1 Categorie: 

"Hopeless Film" - max. 45 minutes      

In this category, we are expecting films that, would have no chance of winning in the 5 main categories of our Festival, although they meet the criteria for the category. The 3 most hopelessful films are equally paid for money.  Please send movies that have already been film festivals.                                                          

... submission closed ...

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