FilmSet España 

Vicky Calavia Sos - 5'



The journey as a utopia has always been present in the collective unconscious. Cinema, which has the quality of bringing alive other realities, has let our imagination run free towards those yearned and dreamed-of places. FilmSet combines both concepts, travelling to the mythical locations of emblematic national and international film shoots and showing us landscapes of great natural, architectural and heritage beauty. A different way of doing tourism through the films of our life. Our particular road movie begins in Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, the cradle of Spanish cinema thanks to the fact that in 1899 Eduardo Jimeno filmed the earliest surviving example of Spanish cinematography, Salida de misa de doce del Pilar de Zaragoza.


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Vicky Calavia Sos

Cultural manager, curator, documentalist, producer and audiovisual producer, film programmer, teacher, expert in online communication, consultant and adviser of cultural and audiovisual projects. Member of: ACADEMIA DEL CINE (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain), CIMA (Spanish Association of Women Filmmakers and of Audiovisual Media), ARAME (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Aragón), Union of Cinematographers (National Association of film professionals), SGAE (General Society of Authors), PROCURA (Cultural Managers of Aragon), APROAR (Association of independent Producers of Aragon). Director, screenwriter and producer of the documentaries: Fighting for Europe: Brandt's footprint (documentary, 10 min., 2017) María Moliner. Tending words. (documentary, 70 min., 2017) To the East. Aragon & Cataluña (documentary, 46 min., 2017) La Almunia. Film it! (documentary 15 min., 2017 / spot 20 seg., 2017) Pills for love (documentary, 10 min., 2016) The city of women. (documentary, 54 min., 2016) Eduardo Ducay. The cinema that was always there (documentary, 55 min., 2015) Maria Dominguez. Free word (documentary, 25 min., 2015) Filming Aragon (documentary, 78 min., 2014) Why I write (documentary with animation, 15 min., 2013, co-directed with Gaizka Urresti) Habitations (documentary, 30 min., 2012) Hymn to freedom, Hymn of Aragón (documentary, 54 min., 2011) Your soul is a chosen landscape (poetry video, 1 min. 52 sec., 2011) Alberto Sanchez, the projection of dreams (documentary, 54 min., 2011) Manuel Rotellar. Notes from row 8 (documentary, 47 min., 2009) Zaragoza Poetics (reportage, 45 min., 2008) Alfredo Gaudes Munárriz. Sew and sing (documentary, 16 min.), 2007 Ramon vs. Greta. Collecting mysteries (documentary, 56 min., 2006) Get addicted. The music of your life (documentary, 57 min., 2006) Poetry instant (documentary, 59 min., 2005) Crossing. The authors (documentary, 59 min., 2003)