Imago Krzysia

Adam Janisch, Barbara Janisch - 44'26"



"Krzys's Imago" is a film portrait of the polish performer, painter and educator Krzysztof Jung (1951-1998). The authors of the film - his godchildren - are trying to capture the phenomenon of Jung's personality, who fascinated people in his environment, through the passion he had for everything he did. What emerges is the picture of a highly creative and versatile artist with great sensitivity and awareness.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Adam Janisch, Barbara Janisch

*Adam Janisch was born and raised in Berlin. He is an alumnus of the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he graduated as Master of Arts in 2013. He works as a director and producer in Berlin. 
* Barbara Janisch was born and raised in Berlin. Sie studied philosophy at the Humboldt University in Berlin. She participated in various artistic projects. Imago Krzysia is her first film.