O Moredo The Resistance of Entroido Ribeirao

David Vazquez Vazquez - 28'



Entroido Ribeirao is an ancestral celebration that is celebrated in the village of Santiago de Arriba in Chantada (Lugo). It was ready to disappear after the pressures of the dictatorship and the church. Now it fights against the depopulation that the people of the interior of Galicia suffer. The work of the Association of Friends of Entroido Ribeirao is overcoming this obstacle, and it seems that O Moredo will be the resistance of the Ribeiroo Entroido. Before it was celebrated in more villages, but today it is only made in O Moredo.



Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.


David Vazquez Vazquez

Sound technician, camera, editor and director. He studied sound at the CEV in Madrid. Master in 'Film, Video and Television Management' at FUNIBER. He was working on direct sound and producers. 15 years as Technical Head in 'Chantada Comunicación S.L. Since 2013 she is an audiovisual freelance - 'Sinking' 2006 (short film) / (short film) - 'The Souls of Fental' 2009 (short film) / (short film) - 'Asolagados' 2013 (documentary) / (documentary) - "Hoy como Ayer" 2015 (Videoclip) - "O Moredo" 2016 The resistance of Entroido Ribeirao David Vázquez Awards / David Vázquez Awards - Winner with 'The Souls of Fental' from 'III Contest of Short Films' in' Sample of Rural Cinema of Dos Torres 2013 '(Córdoba) - Winner of the journalistic award "Moncho do Pío 2014" by "Asolagados" - Winner with "Asolagados" in Rios - International Documentary Film Festival in Vila Real (Portugal) 2014 - "The Souls of Fental" Best Actor (Fernando Morán) at Budafest 2016 (Budapest) - O Moredo "The resistance of Entroido Ribeirao" award in VIA XIV - International Short Film Festival of Verín (Category Entroido)