The Last Cut (30 minutes)

Tamino Parren - 30'



A two-parted documentary (part one was shot in 2011 and part two in 2016) about a passionate film projectionist.

Carel Eilers (77), started his career as a projectionist in the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam. He now works in the local cinema. In 2012 the analog projector will be replaced by a digital projector and Carel is forced to isolate himself from his old profession. Five years later he decides to say goodbye to his passion for good.



Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Tamino Parren

Tamino Parren (1988) was born in Zaandam, The Netherlands. He went to the Academy of Graphic Design in Utrecht to study Audiovisual Design. There he developed an interest in documentary film. After his graduation he started at the Academy of Art and Design, Sint Joost, in Breda to study documentary filmmaking. Since his graduation in 2013 he has been working as a freelance director and cinematographer on short and long documentaries.

During his study at the Academy of Art & Design ‘Sint Joost’ in Breda, The Netherlands, he developed an aspiration to make short documentaries by portraying the life of the ‘individual’. Through long observations, the audience becomes a voyeur in his/her comfort zone. The characters in his films often led an isolated life. Yet he tries to reveal the value of that way of living. The result is a closer and intimate look in a person’s life.