Waking a Monster

Mirjam Clement - 20'

 (United States)


Saved by monsters ! 
The Academy Awards® winning special-efx makeup artist Howard Berger turns into a puppet in Mirjam`s first film. 
“Waking a Monster” is a personal reflection of the early years in a man`s life, visualized by his wife. 
Told in his own words, we are entering the mind of someone´s lifelong fascination for the classic movie monsters and the incidents in life that defined, inspired and shaped him. 
“Waking a Monster” combines a variation of genres in its expression. 
Containing elements from fiction-film, documentary and with a meta aspect this film unfolds with mixed media techniques from traditional puppeteering to animated illustrations.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.


Mirjam Clement

Mirjam Clement, born July 21st 1980, is a Norwegian artist living in Los Angeles since 2011, when 
she married special-effects artist Howard Berger. 
“Waking a Monster” is her first, and only experience with the film medium. 
With the exception of the music, narration and puppeteering, Mirjam has created everything from 
the first sketch to the final DCP of “Waking a Monster”.

From a young age, she was always drawn to fine art and the visual expression in general. 
In 2000 she attended the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen, Norway, and later exchanged to 
study traditional graphic printing techniques at Academia di Belle Arts in Bologna, Italy. 
Having a background from being a painter and graphic artist, the film-portrayal of her husband “Waking a Monster” is heavily inspired by fine art, both in it`s content and expression.

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Contact info: 
Mirjam Clement 
Creator and co-producer 
Cell phone: +1(818)-606-6823 
email: mirjamclement@mac.com 

“Waking a Monster” is a slice of a larger project, originally started as a graphic novel. 
The graphic novel portrayal about Howard was in the making before the puppet came along. 
After many years of painting abstract compositions, I felt I needed a figurative project to go to, to keep 
up my figurative drawing skills. 
That was my agenda for the graphic novel, and use whatever surrounded me. I thought my husband, 
Howard, would be a great subject to build a project around. 
One Saturday, November 2015, we sat around at home waiting for a shipment to arrive at the door.
It needed to be signed for. 
To cut the story very short; It was the puppet in a box. 
Of course I asked “WHY?” 
“Just to have and play with around the house”, he responded. 
That is when I first thought of making “Waking a Monster” , also as a film-portrayal. 
It`s a very personal and truthful portrayal, seen and imagine from my angle. All based on first-hand 
information that was told to me, or I observed. 
I learned there is something very honest about puppets. 
They can only come to life in realtime with their puppeteer. They share the heart and emotions with 
their puppeteer. 
They are completely harmless, knowing their limitations when it comes to gravity. 
Having this film screened privately to small groups, I observe how the audience quickly embrace and 
connect with the puppet on an emotional level. Almost like their own childhood passed through the