Winter in Lviv

Till Mayer, Pirmin Styrnol - 17'30"



„Winter in Lviv“ is a short-documentary about the situation of four Ukrainian women, trying to get by in a country that is struggling with an escalating conflict on the Eastern border as well as a heavy economic crisis.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Till Mayer, Pirmin Styrnol

* Pirmin Styrnol: was born at 25th of December 1989 in Lahr/Schwarzwald. He studied “Publicism and comunication-science” in Vienna (2010-2015). While his study, he worked as head editor for the radio-program “Momente des Sports” (english: “moments of sport”) on „Orange Radio“ and had a job in the culture-radio of the „ORF, OE1“. For his work, he got many awards like the „Radio-Award for Adult-Education“ (2014), the „Austrian Award for Sport-Journalists“ (2014,2015) and the „Media-Award Coburg“ (2015) and more national and international awards. Since the year 2015, Pirmin Styrnol 
works as a multimedia-editor and voice-actor for the „SWR“ and the „ARD“ in Stuttgart and Baden-Baden and directs his own media-company „ONchAIR Bros.“ with his brother Maik Styrnol. 

* Till Mayer: As journalist and photographer Till Mayer has been working closely with relief organizations for many years. In his course of work, he has visited numerous African, Asian and European countries, many of them devastated by war, crisis or disaster. He has also taken part in long term missions as an Information Delegate for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the German Red Cross in Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka, Turkey and the Balkans. Till Mayer is an honorary member and convention representative of the board of the Red Cross branches in 
Bamberg and Lichtenfels (Germany). In Germany he is employed as an editor at the daily newspaper “Obermain-Tagblatt”. There he has initiated the readers’ campaign “Helfen macht Spaß” (“It’s fun to help”) that supports people in need in collaboration with the local Red Cross and other organizations. As a volunteer, he also supports elderly people in need in Lviv (Ukraine). His pictures and features are published at Spiegel-Online and in various newspapers and magazines. His photos are presented in 
numerous exhibitions worldwide. His pictures and texts are displayed in four books. Together with four colleagues he founded the filmmaker collective "Black Boxer". 

1 Awards: Honor Award of Dr. Georg Schreiber Media Award 2016, Coburger Medienpreis 
2015, Coburger Medienpreis 2012, Medal of Honor of German Red Cross, Medal of Honor of Ukrainian Red Cross, „Humiroir“ of GRC-federal branch “Badisches Rotes Kreuz”.