Merhaba Dub Com

Johannes Horak - 3'

(Germany, Vietnam) 


Merhaba Dub Com Multispecter Video - "Ensouled Multipicture Carpets“ The idea for Multispecter Videos arised during a travel through South- and Centralvietnam from November 2015 to February 2016. I found there my own pictures by putting different videos together, by arranging and finally composing them. I created a new video as a composition of more than one videos with same theme or an associated theme, but with another start, another speed or another perspective, by zooming, mirroring, looping or stoping the video. The composition or collage of videos is inspired by the great vietnamese Kitchen: Hot spicy soup with a lot lot of fresh herbage, cinnamon, cardamon and sugar- but I mixed slow videos with fast videos or a close-up view with a long shot. But the new video should include the soul of the theme like a carped of videos wich starts having it`s own life- a living carpet. The titels were added to intensify the relationship between the content of the songs or poems and the carpets, the style is inspired by Alexander Kluge. This Multispecter-Video is from June 2017 and it`s using videos Vietnam, Morocco and Germany. The song "Merhaba Dub Com" is from the band Merhaba Dub Com ( Peter Abele, Klaus Blach and Th. Rhodes).


No trailer for this film.


Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Johannes Horak