The experimental and surreal film 'Peacock' focuses on the search for meaning of human who is alienated, by carrying traces of more than twenty characters from diverse cultures and history. The film is aimed at creating awareness of the existence of the trapped person and the search for reality in the world surrounded by capitalist order and rules. The Film's motto is, 'Turn your human nature, touch the soil and remove your masks; Other than your fiction identities, you have nothing to lose!


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.


Independent Filmmaker, Gökçe Açıkgöz in 2012 graduated from Marmara University F.A.F Cinema and Tv department. "Seeking- Arayış" as a graduation thesis, the middle-lenght feature film, made in 2012 in Turkey, received positive reactions from the cinema circles. In the same year she founded ART-LAB(Art-Laboratory), in which she studied experimental works on 'acting and directing' theories in cinema, theater and philosophy. ART-LAB as well apart from the academic studies and exibited street performances continues to generate projects. The short films “The Egg-Yumurta”and “Hope Crumbs- Umut Kırıntıları” which she projected with the art circles and scripted from the poems she writes, was filmed in Poland and Berlin/Germany in 2016. Lastly, “Peacock” was filmed in Poland in 2017. Gökçe Açıkgöz also navigates to the interseption points of the Cinema,Theater, Philosophical equations. and to portrayed the part of the society that has no appereance and shifted by the community. Besides, there are short and long movie scenarios also play texts that she is working on.