Elina Maligina - 15'



Elina Maligina's new film Soulcash gives an insight into emotionally charged and climactic, but brief moment in the life of a woman who is going through menopause. The story is about the purification through psychological change that happens at this point rather than the physiological one.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Elina Maligina

Elina Maligina is an artist, actress, performer, film director and a screenwriter. After graduating from Latvian Academy of Culture (2009) as actress she worked in Dailes Theatre. During 10 seasons Elina acted in 17 roles, in vast majority of which she was in leading roles. She has been working with well-known directors, including Oskaras Korshunovas and Jan-willem van den Bosch. Her roles included different characters, including Ada in “Amorfou” and Dana in “The Expelled” by Marius Ivaskevicius. In order to communicate with the general public Elina started street performances and experiments with public. She received wide recognition in August 2014 with “Dzivo Damies” (“Spending Time in a Place”), an online broadcast 24h street performance in downtown Riga. Few months later this success was followed by series of biographic performances - public confessions “Dzivo Damies. Mate” (Spending Time in a Place. Mother). Performances remain in focus of Elina as a purest tool for understanding herself and for provoking the crowd. Another medium through which Elina likes to express herself and communicate with the audience is photography and film editing. Year 2016 was a productive year for Elina as an artist. She did her first international exhibition “Orlando” in the History Museum in Kiev and “Egomorphosis” in the Odessa Museum of Modern Art. Her video works have been exhibited in Monaco and Vienna Art Fairs. Elina took part in Southeby’s project Young Art Auction in 21er Haus in Vienna. Elina has recently began expressing her as a screenwriter and director in cinema. Her first short film was Egomorphosis (2016). Soulcash is Elinas second film and she is currently working on a new biographical feature film project.