Dreaming a better day

Po-Yang Chang - 14'17"



¨ This is not a murder.¨

Yueh-Ming brought an old-fashioned suitcase walking in the mountains. He wore an overcoat, and one of his hands held a clay doll. He was at ease and just looked like any other ordinary person. Liang Liang was in a red suit, and also held a clay doll in her hand. Both of them were walking in the seemingly same path but in different timeline, and the dolls they held looked like a pair. The man and the woman called each other in the mountains, so did the clay dolls. It was getting cold and humid, and their relationship was getting intertwining. Those who seemingly had nothing to do with each other ate each other. This was not a murder, however, the uncutting historical tangle between nation and nation.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Po-Yang Chang

Film Director/Photographer/Painter 
From Taiwan,Kaohsiung

Chang Po-Yang Influenced by Dadaism and Surrealism, Chang Po-Yang’s paintings has an abstract style, yet his photography and films reveal strong emotional aspect. He is now engaged with experimental films and has continually tried to find new ways to express his sensitive feelings about the world. Combing screenplay, poems and music, Chang Po-Yang wants to create a new style which can represent the spirit of contemporary world.

It has been four years since my last film was done. Although I haven’t done any films throughout the four years, I did gain and store up some energy and power. The story I wanted to shoot was postponed, and it was worthless that the equipment was put away . The images started to gather in my mind while eating out, and I felt that I could do something. I made my team immediately and went ahead without thinking too much. Every time when I made a film the title came across my mind first, and then the story followed up.

It was not a murder. I have no stand.