Francois Chandelle - 22'



Sebastian found an audio tape on which Ludo, his recently deceased friend, plays a calm guitar arpeggio. Obsessed by this audio fragment, Sebastian has only two days left to learn and play the song at burial. He has to give his friend that last goodbye. Therefore he will have to ask the permission to Linda, Ludo’s mother, a rock star rushed back home by the death of her kid. Whether Linda wants it or not, Sebastian will play the song.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Francois Chandelle

I was born in 1983 in the countryside of Belgium. Beautiful southern Brussels town of Jodoigne. At the age of 16, I discovered the Hi8 camera of my parents. Great toy that I would use to make my first little movie. A film about concentration camps entirely shot in my high school and my mother’s basement... no comments. In 2001, I turned 18 and spent a year in Seattle where I dedicated my life to music. Believing I would become a rockstar. It was fun... Back in Belgium I started my college years learning audio visual communication. I quickly started to work in the industry as a trainee, runner, carpet placer, second assistant director... could name it all. In 2006 I directed my first short film. «Au poils près...» a very rough impulsive no money project that was imperative to do. Like a statement to say: «Ok, I directed something.» In 2007 I left Belgium for Montevideo Uruguay to shoot my first documentary. «My Monalisa». There I met my wife and developed my career as a film director and producer. In 2010 I came back to Brussels to settle down, have a kid, an apartment, a rock band, a job as a producer and getting my ass to write and direct fiction.