Linda Dombrovszky - 18'30"



An elderly man is unable to accept that he is made to retire and his life takes a dramatic turn, when he realises that he cannot finish the work of his life.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Linda Dombrovszky

Linda Dombrovszky filmdirector studied at the Academy of Film and Drama in Budapest and at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, graduated in 2013 as a film and television director. Her documentaries and short films attended or received awards at several festivals: at the European Film Award-Festivals of Drama and Uppsala, in Brussel, Lagow, Cracow, Baku, Sao Paolo, etc. Her latest script Red rose had been selected to the Docu Talents Program at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival this year.

2017 CUBEMAN (1 8:30 min., Short, Drama, Director) 
2016 ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WERE TWO BALLERINAS / Volt egyszer két balerina (25 min., Documentary) 
2014 THE SEVENTIES / Hetvenes (Mockumentary) 
*Special award* Aserbaijan Film Festival, 2015 
*Silver award* Lagow International Film Festival, 2015 
*Award of the best dramatic documentary* Golden Eye Filmfestival, 2014 
*Award of the best film at Death Crew Film Festival 2015 
2013 THE THIRD DAY / Harmadnapon (Short film, FILMSCHOOL) 
DUTY / Kötelesség (9 min., Duty, creative documentary,) 
2009 TRAMP / Csavargó (Short film, FILMSCHOOL) 
*award of the best shortfilm* Golden Eye Filmfestival, 2009