Tom Wolt - 12'



A drugdealer known for his experimental blends is called one last time. When he arrives at the boys' house late in the evening, they can't wait to try his stuff and get instantly knocked out by it, while the girl among them tries to flirt with the drugdealer. Just when he's about to tune in, the boys rise again - literally. Facing two walking corpses, the drugdealer realizes his stupidity about these necronomical blends and tries to save the girl's life and his own. Well, at least they've got tea.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Tom Wolt

Tom Wolt, born in August 1984, knew early about his future in the film business. During his education, he has worked with german directors such as Niki Stein and Marco Kreuzpaintner, before founding the production company Pathfinder Studios in 2008. With his submissions to several short film competitions he has won the nationwide appreciation of german juries and viewers.