Tobias Schmutzler - 12'25"



Strange things happen in their new home after a young couple finally decided to move in together and make the nights a literal nightmare that puts their trust in each other to the test.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Tobias Schmutzler

Toby Schmutzler is a filmmaker from Ingolstadt, Germany. As director, writer and actor he realized multiple film projects of different formats and genre in the last years throughout his bachelor and master studies in Audiovisual Media at Media University Stuttgart. In 2012, his first feature film „aWay“ attended selected German cinemas – directed together with his brother Kevin. His documentary „Wo die Straße aufhört“ („Where the street ends“) about homeless children in Kinshasa, DR Kongo has been finished 2016. The feature film „Robin“ is currently in postproduction. His short film projects, such as „Freigeist“ („Freethinker“), „Letztes Licht“ („The last light“), „Nein vielleicht doch“ („Yes, maybe not“) and „Zahnstein“ („Tartar“) amongst others have won several short film competitions in Germany. With his own production company FilmCrew Media founded in 2015 and based at the Bavaria Film Studios he is able to produce narrative and fictional films as well as commercials and image films.

2017 ROBIN (90 min., Feature, Screenplay & Director, Germany, South Africa) 
2017 DER DRITTE (12 min., Short, Screenplay & Director) 
2017 AUDI Q5:LIFE IS CALLING (3 MIN., Short, Director, Script, Editor) 
2015 THE BOOKING TOUR (6 min., Short, Director, Vietnam) 
2014 WO DIE STRASSE AUFHÖRT (45 min., Documentary, Director, DR Kongo) 
2013 AWAY (5 min., Short, Director, Script) 
2013 FREERUNNING BERLIN (2 min., Short, Director) 
2012 UNTERAUFSICHT (4 min., Short, Director, Script) 
2012 RAUCHPAUSE (2 min., Short, Director) 
2011 LEZTES LICHT (5 min., Short, Director, Script)