Shaun O Connor - 10'45"



In a psychiatrist’s office, a young man whose life has been all but ruined by anxious thoughts comes to a new and frightening conclusion about his condition.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Shaun O Connor

Born and raised in the south of Ireland, Shaun studied Multimedia at the Cork Institute of Technology and Film Studies at University College Cork. He directed his first short in 2010 and through years of directing more shorts, television and music videos has developed a distinct visual and storytelling style. Shaun’s short period film ‘Uisce Beatha’ won the ‘Filmmaker’s Choice’ Award at DC Shorts and also screened at the Dublin Film Festival, the Helsinki Film Festival and Raindance London. In 2015 Shaun directed ‘(R)onanism’, a short series for RTE Ireland, produced by the Oscarwinning Fantastic Films, featuring Mark O’ Halloran (Viva / Adam & Paul) and made with the support of the Irish Film Board. Shaun is also a prolific writer and photographer and is currently developing his first feature film.

DISAPPEAR (10.45 min., Drama, Director) 
TEARING STRIPS (05.32 min., Comedy, Director) 
SCOTIA’S GRAVE (05.46 min., Non-Narrative, Experimental, Director) 
NIETZSCHE No. 5 (05.58 min., Comedy, Director) 
UISCE BEATHA (08.07min., Drama, Director) 
REST MY BONES (07.56 min., Comedy, Horror, Director) 
PAT (11.43 min., Drama, Director)