Michael Carstens - 8'35"



Somewhere in the early 20th last century. A father with his son visits a photographer in his studio. He wants the first picture taken of his son. During the session the struggle between the old fashioned father and his son, who ist much further in emotional issues, goes on. The son reflects during the session and in a dream sequence - this really is the first picture of him taken. 


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Michael Carstens

Born in 1972 in a very very small village 50 km north of Hamburg. Grew up on a farm. Childhood together with a lot of ghosts. Now lives in Berlin. After civil service study of agricultural science and landscape developing in Kiel for 3 years. A mistake. Worked for 3 years as a manager for logistics in a big multi national construction site in Schleswig- Holstein. Started University again – German language and literature studies and film. Again a mistake. Found his big love. Film. Here we are.