Zara Demet Altan - 16'



When a bomb hits their living room, a Syrian family with six children decide to escape from Homs. Together they make it to the long-awaited boat, only to find there is not enough space for all of them and they must be separated against their will. The parents stay behind while three of the brothers and sisters flee across Turkey and Bulgaria and the others hope to reach the Italian coast by boat. They endure incredible hardship and uncertainty along the journey, until all six of them experience a surprise at a Berlin elementary school.


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Zara Demet Altan

Zara Demet Altan was born as the first child of a Kurdish-Alevite family in Eastern Turkey, Malatya. Her parents came to Berlin when she was six months old. Since her childhood she has been engaged in Turkish and German literature. She also played theatre regularly. In 2003 she worked as an intern at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. 
She also discovered her passion for movies and screenplays. After working in the theatre as an assistant director, she studied English and History at the Humboldt University of Berlin, later at the Freie Universität Berlin. Already during her studies she wrote scripts and received a script grant for the screenplay "Beautiful". After successfully completing her second state examination at Hermann-Hesse-Gymnasium in 2015, she passed the entrance examination at the University of the Arts for Performing Arts (Universität der Künste, Berlin). During this time she worked in various film projects as production assistant e.g. for the movie "Evet, Ich will". Since 2016, Zara has been a teacher at the Kurt-Schumacher primary school. Together with her fourth grade students, she developed the script for "Frühlingskinder", directed and produced the film in 2017.


2017 FRÜHLINGSKINDER / CHILDREN OF THE SPRING (16 min., Short, Director, Screenplay, Producer)