Fabian Döring - 13'25"



The 31 year old NEELE can’t make up her mind when it comes to the most simple decisions. Up until now she has had her controlling boyfriend PASCAL to take care of that. But for a while now she has been feeling that it is evident to walk in her own shoes. All her efforts to set herself free from Pascal are half-hearted and indirect. Only when Pascal puts a leash around her neck in the most literate way, she is able so set herself free.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Fabian Döring 

Fabian Döring is a young Berlin based filmmaker. After his graduation from acting school, he spent several years with different German theatre companies. i.e. the state theatres of Wiesbaden and Mainz. In 2012, he moved to Berlin in order to follow his passion for film. He applied for MET film school Berlin where he graduated in 2015. ‚FUCK YOU VERY MUCH’ is his first project as an independent filmmaker. In his work he puts an emphasis on the actor’s craft. ‚FYVM’ is a comic story about a young woman's liberation.