In Our Country

Louisa Wagener - 29'52"



Nineteen-year-old Eritrean refugee Teklebrhan has survived his arduous journey through the Libyan desert. However after arriving in Germany he has a hard time adapting to his new life. Adding to his woes, his family is experiencing financial problems because of him. In order to help them Tekle decides to become the next Jerome Boateng. He joins a rural soccer team in Bavaria where he befriends the seventeen year old Anton. Tekle refuses to accept that he is not talented enough to become a big soccer star. His friend Anton does not understand Tekle’s ambition. The other team members, including Anton's friends, reject Tekle as well as the other refugees. At first it seems that Anton and Tekle’s friendship can reconcile the divide between the two groups, but then one of the German players loses his spot to Tekle...



Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Louisa Wagener

Ever since early childhood, Louisa (born 1992), has loved writing stories. During her time in high school she was involved in the school’s theatre and newspaper and worked for many German TV productions before being accepted into the film school program at Macromedia University of applied sciences. “In Our Country” is her graduation film and marks her second short film produced in cooperation with Saskia Hahn.


2016 KIKA LIVE TRAU DICH (8x39 min.,Director, Outdoor-game show Mingamedia Entertainment GmbH ???, München ) 
2016 IN OUR COUNTRTY (30 min., Screenplay and Director, Hochschulprojekt, Mingamedia Entertainment GmbH ???, München ) 
2014 JUKI 2014-DAS KINDER UND JUNGENDFESTIVAL (2:41 min., Co-screenplay,Concept, Co-director, Social Spot, Hochschuleproject, Macromedia GmbH, München) 
2014 SUPERPAPA (18 min., Director, Hochschuleproject, Macromedia GmbH, München) 
2013 ROSAROT (14 min., Screenplay and Director, Hochschuleproject, Macromedia GmbH, München)