Marco Gadge - 14'30"



Germany, at the end of WWII. The Red Army fight for every inch of ground in the streets of the city. Greta and her family are hiding in a cellar hoping for mercy. Greta’s father, however, intuits for a very good reason that the Soviets will take brutal revenge. The short film “Irgendwer” (“Someone”) shows that a beginning is still possible, always and everywhere. The film is based on a true story.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Marco Gadge 

Marco Gadge (born 21.03.1971) is a German film director and screenwriter. In 1990 he moved from his home village Wefensleben to Magdeburg. For the first time, he came into contact with the medium of film. In Magdeburg he realized his first short films and music videos. In 1997, Marco moved to Leipzig for love and worked as a post- production assistant for a Leipzig film production. From 2001 onwards, Marco moved on to the script / continuity and directing direction to be closer to the direct emergence of the films. Throughout the time, Marco has made several short film projects, which have been successful at around one hundred fifty film festivals around the world and have also won several prizes. Marco is currently working intensively on the realization of his first long film. At the same time, he regularly directs the production of various television productions.