Yilmaz Vurucu - 18'



“You’re listening now, aren’t you...” says a cold and nearly unconscious Andreas Wagner, over his live broadcast. Isolated and full of desperation, he’s decided to air his last words, together with some extremely valid grievances. His views strike a chord with some while attracting the wrath and disdain of others, yet one fact is undeniable: he has become an unlikely Internet phenomenon when it least matters. When the next big viral hit wears off, can a concerned few help save him, so he can live to tell his story another day?


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Yilmaz Vurucu

Yilmaz Vurucu was born 1975 in London, Canada to a family of Turkish immigrants. Following high school, he attended Temple University's film program in Philadelphia, U.S.A. He was unable to complete his degree, not because he was an unsuccessful student, but rather due to financial issues and exorbitant tuition fees. This experience left him critical and discontent with the economic structure of modern society and what he identifies as "dysfunctional systems." Back home and without a finished degree, he still managed to jumpstart a professional career as a director of commercials & spots in Canadian TV, while simultaneously hustling with a passion to take on and direct music videos. Following an offer from a Turkish TV station, he moved to Istanbul, where he became responsible for the stations branding and on-air style. Unhappy with the restrictive mindset, he quit his job and rekindled his passion for movies. That is when he also produced his first short film Dr. Zack, a dire perspective of what institutional rules can do to an already underprivileged youth. The film was his first step towards establishing a theme that empowers his creative work until today. Since then, life & love have transported him to Vienna, where he is now producing shorts and documentaries that reflect his multilayered identities, a struggle of constant adaption to the demands of different societies. Developing and shooting his own independent projects as a self- financed producer has endowed him with the ability to take on and execute multiple roles: from writer and producer to videographer, editor & director.