Johann Scholz - 16'36"



Walls are guarding the frontiers of Europe. Where they can’t be build soldiers do their duty. Andreas is one of them. Since not long ago the order to fire has been issued at the Austrian border to. Control and order are most important to Andeas, but on this winter day chaos is crossing his paths. He runs over an open field in no-man’s-land and the ringing sound of a cellphone is raising in the background. Three months later. Andreas is back home. He is living together with his mother. Since the incident he is on leave and secluded himself evermore. He is haunted by blackouts and flashbacks. A note with a foreign number on it leaves him restless. His mother’s singing sounds out of the kitchen. In the hope of finding some advice Andreas seeks her company. His mother knows about his condition, but is unwilling to respond to his situation. She is convinced that his doings were righteous. She urges him to forget everything about the incident and that he should get on with his life. His feelings of guilt will then vanish by itself. Her defiance just fuels Andrea’s fears even more, he is about to lose his mind. Back in his room Andreas finally decides to make the call. While doing so he is suddenly paralyzed and falls into a rigid state of which he awakes only hours later. Backflashes again. He knows he has to make the call to overcome his situation, or should he just forget the number and everything that goes with it?


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Johann Scholz

Johann Scholz was born in Vienna, Austria in 1981. After a few years as a GameDesigner and CGI-artist in Vienna and Berlin, he began to study “Transmedia Art”, at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna. In 2009 he changed to the University of Arts in Berlin, to finish his study. In 2013 he received his Master in “Art and Media”, with the focus on experimental- and narrative film. Since his return to Vienna he has worked in several short- and feature film projects in Austria and Germany. 2015 he founded his own production company, zampanofilm to support his film projects. At the current time he is also working at the Vienna based production company hertha- produziert in the post production department.