Thierry Pradervand - 10'



A woman suffering from depression visits her therapist for the usual session. The psychologist guides her through a meditation meant to make her feel better. But a melon and a woodcutter who happen to be near by, lead the patient into her thrilling inconscious world, changing her for ever.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Thierry Pradervand

Photographer and director, Thierry Pradervand plays with atmospheres that release emotions. He draws and builds his studio «Image-in» in the center of Switzerland. He shoots more than 450 fashion editos for swiss and international magazines before getting hired as an artistic director for other magazines to invent and shoot their publicity concepts. This will introduce him to a new set of clients who will hire him to do international jewellery and watch campaigns, as a photographer first but then also as a film director. He creates the fondation «Photographic», a charity that intends to publish young and talented photographers’ first work. He loves working with atmosphere and creates strong concepts with a short and efficient narration. But soon enough, the desire to deal with characters and plot emerge. He then creates «Inred production», a film production company, working at first as a producer for three directors, three women who’s films are now in festivals all over the world with very different stories. 
THE FRUIT OF DESIRE is his first film as a director, completed in october 2016.