Franziska Zaizer - 21'10"



A beautiful summer day, perfect for a family garden party. Not for Thomas, whose mother convinced him to celebrate his 25th birthday in a closed circle with his family. Thomas is in a difficult life phase; his long-term girlfriend left him and his degree appears useless. The last thing he was missing was his father looking down on him and his mother patronizing him. The celebration takes place in familiar ways but Thomas fumes more and more with every conversation. Not even his little sister who he has a good relationship with can save the situation. Today might just be the day to clear the air.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Franziska Zaizer

Franziska Zaiser was born on March 10th, 1989 in Vienna. She discovered her passion for film during her studies in communication and media sciences. In the beginning, she wanted to write scripts and wrote two shortfilmsscripts for befriended directors. In order to gain access to the film industry, she applied to filmproductions and finally completed internships in Vienna and Berlin. Later she worked in different positions on the set of shortfilms / advertisements / series / features. For the last two years primarily in the position as a Script Supervisor. The desire to write and make her own film was always there and so she decided to make her own film.

2014 P.O.V. (Feature film / Amilux Filmproductions / Director: Gerda Leopold / Script/Continuity) 
2015 FOKUS MORD (1st Season 3 Episodes / TV-Series / Interspot Filmgesellschaft / Director Chris Raiber / Script/Continuity) 
2015 AGONIE (Feature film / BR; HFF München / Director: David Clay Diaz / Script/Continuity) 
2015 LOU ANDREAS-SALOMÉ (Feature film / KGP, Avantimedia / Director: Cordula Kablitz-Post / Script/Continuity) 
2015 FOKUS MORD (1st Season, 4 Episodes / TV-Series / Interspot Filmgesellschaft / Director: Chris Raiber / Script/Continuity) 
2016 DIE SCHILEHRER (Series Pilot / Director: Philipp Fussenegger / Script/Continuity) 
2016 ZUM WOHLE ALLER (Short, Screenplay and Director)