The Loudest Silence

Eduardo Bertaina - 10'50"



Mara, who lives with her grandmother, is initially excited when her mother comes to pick her up from school and take her to an appointment. But as the day goes on and the two spend more time together, Mara is reminded that her mother isn’t necessarily who she wants her to be.



Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Eduardo Bertaina

Eduardo Juan Bertaina was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1964. He has a university degree in Music, Composition and he is a National University Professor graduated from National University of Rosario (UNR) cum laude for the best grades in his class. He took a Master in Drama program at the National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires (UNA). He studied script writing with Jorge Goldenberg (2012) and Luisa Irene Ickowicz (2013-2015) and Greek Tragedy and Classic Greek with Leandro Pinkler (2007/2010). As a pianist, singer and composer, he has worked in domestic groups and companies such as Cronopios (1984) and Extravaganza (1990-2012), developing his activities in several cities and media. The dramatic activity (as a playwright, director and actor) has been intense throughout the country. Among some of his plays and music-hall shows performed are: La Ilustre (1989); La ópera es un cabaret (1990); Candorosos y lunáticos (2005); El discurso (1993); M.A.S. (2005); Frenesí Happening Cabaret (2006); Diamantes en almíbar (2007); La Sebastianita (2012), among others, which were shown in Argentina and Spain. He wrote and directed short films/episodes of El show de Extravaganza (1996) for TV in Rosario, Argentina, where humor, live songs and delirious situations were combined. He wrote the script for and directed the following short films: Ombligos (2013), whose music was also composed by him, and The loudest silence (2016); he directed the short film 33 y 6 (2014; post-production). InTeatro, the publishing company of the National Theater Institute, published his play Buon Natale (2013) and his play La taba was published by Pánico El Pánico publishing company in 2015. He also published the children songs collection Pintando canciones I, II and III, co-authored with Pino Isacchi and Lucía Crapanzano, in which music is complemented by plastic activities. He has developed intense teaching activity in different sectors and levels of education, working in public schools of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (School 8 DE 1 "Nicolás Avellaneda", Music School 2 DE 18); IUNA (National University Institute for the Arts), Teacher Training Colleges (ENS No. 2 Mariano Acosta, ENS No. 8 Julio A. Roca), among others. As a lecturer, he has taken part of forums and congresses such as: I Latin American Congress of Mediated Learning (Buenos Aires, 2000); I Ibero-American Meeting on Education (Rosario, 1999), International Forum on Education (Buenos Aires, 2006), III Forum on Educational Experiences "Community and School: Pedagogical Relations in Areas of Great Complexity" (Buenos Aires, 2006), I Session of IUNA scholarship holders, thesis students and graduates (Buenos Aires, 2013). He was part of the Cultural Exchange: City of Madrid/Parque de España/City of Rosario (Madrid, 1991) as a teacher.