Robert Sauerbrey - 34'59"



After the separation from his girlfriend, the unsuccessful writer Paul moved into his new apartment. Lonely and lethargic, he tries to divert himself by writing, when one evening he makes a strange observation in a window of the opposite apartment. Despite initial distrust, he does not pay much attention to the voyeur. When he finds a blank Polaroid in his mailbox and gets unanswered calls shortly afterwards, the unpleasant feeling in Paul grows that something may not be right.


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Robert Sauerbrey

Robert Sauerbrey was born in 1994 in the Thuringian town of Hildburghausen. He recognized his love for moving pictures early. For many years he has been writing screenplays for fiction and documentary films. In 2008 he founded his film production company "Green Mountain Entertainment". "Green Mountain Entertainment" is an independent filmmaking company focused on the production of fiction short and long- range films as well as the production of documentary materials. He also works as a assistant director, production assistant and assistant set-manager for various formats. Among them are productions such Alarm für Cobra 11, SOKO Cologne and the ARD- series Familie Dr. Kleist. In addition to the film is his great passion of acting. He stands for the camera for the first time with seven years. He plays the young Adam Ries for the MDR documentary drama "Der Rechenriese – Auf den Spuren von Adam Ries". Through this experience, his passion for the film and the acting was aroused, which has not left him to this day and served as the foundation of his present professional activity.