Erica Scoggins - 28'43"

 (United States)


Angie lives with her mom and struggles to manage a heavy dosage of medication for a neurological disorder. Reeling from the death of her brother and oppressed by the very medication meant to cure her, Angie yearns for the strange, otherworldly seizures that at once haunted her and made her feel alive. Nicole, a mysterious and reckless woman, convinces Angie to toss the pills and accompany her to an old mansion in the deep woods of East Tennessee. On the outskirts of her town, Angie finds other people like her. Angie endures a nightmarish limbo, finally breaking through to the sublime and ecstatic moment that gives this disease its sacred name.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Erica Scoggins

Born and raised in East Tennessee, Erica Scoggins studied fine art and writing at Belmont University in Nashville before getting her MFA in film directing at California Institute of the Arts. As a postgraduate teaching fellow at Calarts, she taught a hybrid theory/practice course on ineffable moments and unexplainable phenomena in cinema. Her films have screened at the Vienna International Film Festival and the Nashville Film Festival. Though she works in a range of mediums, the moving image and the magic of sound bring forth the most immersive and visceral rendition of the parallel realities that drive her work. Erica now lives in Denver, CO and is training to be a tattoo artist.

THE SACRED DISEASE (28 min, psychological thriller, cerebral, Calarts) 
ELEGY FOR MISTER (12 min, psycho-sexual experimental, Calarts) 
SEXCAPADES (8 min, comedic drama, Calarts) 
THE FEELING (12 min, sci-fi drama, Co-production between Calarts & DFFB)