Christian Schröter - 43'



„David, why do they want the people not to leave?“, “Because they are afraid” 
A huge wall marks a borderline, but its original purpose is long forgotten. A country full of people who risk everything to survive. “This Side of Nowhere” is the fictional story of two siblings who are on the run and a border patrol soldier who prevents any escape attempts. The movie is about hopes and sacrifices of refugees and supporters of the political system. “This Side of Nowhere” addresses the question what will happen if you lose your mankind by aiming for your personal freedom.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Christian Schröter

After High School, Christian Schroeter decided to work in the movie business. A good start was VIVAFILM in Munich. Just two years later he had the possibility to work for ARRI Rental and cinegate, so he moved to Berlin. This founded the knowledge base to start his own projects as a director and writer. Meanwhile he followed his career as a lightning technician, which, 10 years later, he professionalized as a bestboy and gaffer. 2010, he started to work on the graduate film of his long term cameraman Petja Gohr: This Side of Nowhere. This was also his debut feature as a director and writer.