A light that refuses to fade out… 

Bobbeeta Sharma - 16'



It is a fascinating story of courage, grit and determination and how these can push human abilities to no end. This is the story of a 101 year old lady who is surviving only on Black Tea and Biscuits since 1947. Her life and existence is an antithesis to many present day beliefs and an inspiration to many young girls who grow up in contemporary Indian society. Traditionally in an Indian society young girls are usually groomed on how to conduct oneself in a marriage and in most cases their lives revolve around their husband and children. In a patriachal society like India a woman first lives under the shadow of her father as a daughter, then of her husband as a wife and later of her son as a mother. Hence it is always the male image that governs the contours of her life. This is the story of an ordinary lady, who fulfilled all her worldly responsibilities and then started all over again at the age of 70 to live life on her own terms ! Now at 101 years and counting she still has things lined up to do!!! Aruna Mukherjee is a light that refuses to fade out!!!


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Bobbeeta Sharma

BOBBEETA SHARMA Television Producer/Director/Actor I have been associated with the cultural world of Assam since I was introduced as a child artiste in eminent film maker Dr Bhanendranath Saikia's national award winning film "Anirbaan” in 1978. Since then I have acted in films and numerous television serials. I have also ventured into television production and direction and our serial on Assamese NRI's settled in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France and Belgium titled “Bideshot Apun Manuh”(Our Own People Abroad) has received widespread appreciation and popularity in our home state. I have directed other socially relevant documentaries for Doordarshan Kendra, Films Division on women empowerment, child labour, etc and presently my directorial venture on developmental activities of the government of Assam titled “Rupahi Asom Jonaki Batere” has completed around 750 episodes on Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati. WORK PROFILE Year 2005 – 2016 Director of government developmental serial `Rupahi Asom Jonaki Batere’ telecast every Sunday at 6.00 pm on Doordarshan Guwahati from 2005 to 2016. Completed around 750 episodes. Year 2013 - Assam As Never Before — feel the thrill of adventure. Producer / Director, for Assam Tourism, promotional film. Year 2011 - Aparajita” – Director, a five episode documentary on women empowerment for DDK,Guwahati. Year 2010 -“Strawberry Finds Its New Home In North-East” – Director, A documentary commissioned by Film’s Division, Mumbai Year 2001-2008 -Producer, Director and Anchor of “Bideshat Apon Manuh” Completed 230 episodes and is longest running serial on DDK Guwahati in sponsored category. Year 2008 – “Mohadustor Dusto Buddhi”, Director, of a four episode children comedy serial based on Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia’s story for DDK,Guwahati. Year 2006- Director for promotional film of Airtel. Year 2004 – Director for promotional film of Amtron . Govt. Of Assam. Year 2003 - Producer / Director of “Nirmala’ a four episode serial based on child labour for DDK,Guwahati. Year- 2003 – Director of `Women of Substance ‘ featuring the life and work of women achievers in the North East for PPC,Northeast. Year 2000 - Producer and Anchor of the popular Assamese song & interview based programme “Geetimalika” telecast over Doordarshan, Guwahati in sponsored category which is the first serial to have completed 100 episodes. Year 1998-1999 - Producer, Director and Script Writer of the serial “Sound of Music” in sponsored category telecast on PPC, Northeast which completed 75 episodes. Doordarshan Associated with Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati since 1988 in the following regular in-house programmes: - 1997-1998: News presenter for Northeast News in English. 1994-1996: Presenter for the PPC Northeast Channel. 1988-1991: Presenter of a youth oriented Employment News programme titled ‘Nyog Darpan’. FILMOGRAPH ANIRBAN – Introduced as a child artiste in Dr. Bhabendranath Sikia’s award winning film in 1978 / SUTRAPAT – 1985 / PAANI –1992 ( Heroine) /KAALSHANDHYA – 1997 (Hindi) / GARAM BOTAH¬ – 2001 ( Heroine)/ SHIVAM-2010. Literary Activities Authored of the book titled “The Moving Image and Assamese Culture Joymoti, Jyotiprasad Agarwala, and Assamese Cinema” Published by Oxford University Press (OUP) on August 2014 . The book was honoured with “ Special Mention” at the London Book Festival in 2014. Publisher and co-author of the book `Bideshat Apun Manuh’ based on the popular television serial of the same name. Columnist for newspaper “Eastern Chronicle” Have written and continues to write special features for reputed daily of North East ` The Assam Tribune’. Was a columnist for the English daily `North East Daily’ till 2000 writing articles on the cultural scene of Assam covering matters related to films and television scenario of North East.