Lorenzo Ayuso - 12'



Klaus, a failed actor, shows up at midnight at the house of his old pal Genio, another actor whose career as a TV star is way more successful than his friend’s. Klaus has something crucial to tell him: he has had premonitory visions since childhood, and that same night, has seen Genio being savagely murdered. But the alleged victim seems sceptic...


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Lorenzo Ayuso

Graduated with distinction in Audiovisual Communication at Carlos III University of Madrid in 2009, Lorenzo Ayuso (Madrid, Spain, 1987) made his début as director with ‘Evaluación Final’ in 2011. That was produced by the acclaimed Zampanò P.C. (‘Juan y la nube’) and obtained 14 international selections in festivals from Mexico, Chile or Ecuator. Since then, he has helmed music videos for Spanish rock bands such as Dardem (‘La Noche de San Juan’) or Nostalghia (‘Nostalgia’, co-directed with argentinian cinematographer Roberto Castelli). His second short-film as director and script-writer, ‘De-mente’, marks the fourth production from Amania Films, and stars Sergio Sánchez Shaw and Malcolm T Sitté (of ‘Chiringuito de Pepe’ fame). Besides that, he has been working on the script of Azahara Gómez’s ‘Extático’, whose release is due this same year. When he’s not busy making movies (or trying to), he serves as an accomplished storyboard artist and works as film and TV critic for