Deuxième chance

Andrea Emanuela Bossoni - 29'

(Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France)


Montmartre, Paris, right side. A young priest crosses himself while watching the stained-glass windows by Max Ingrand in the choir of St Pierre de Montmartre church. Then he walks quickly towards one of the three doorways of the western facade and he goes out. He walks along the small forecourt overlooking rue du Mont-Cenis, he's absorbed in his thoughts till he catches sight of a very beautiful young woman that he knows quite well standing a little further. She’s in front of him, with her back turned to him. This very beautiful young woman is drawing a portrait of a very distinguished beautiful lady of around fifty years old standing in front of her with her German Shepard dog on a leash. The priest watches the scene discreetly and in silence. The young woman ends her portrait and gives it to the lady, she takes her money, takes her tools that she puts in her rucksack and she bends her easel. In that very moment she barely turns and sees the young priest smiling at her while he calls her name: Rachel. The young priest that Rachel calls Philippe asks to Rachel how she is. After a short friendly conversation they both greet each other while going on opposite directions. Rachel makes quickly her way towards home, along Rue Lepic while Philippe goes back to the church. Once arrived in front of her house door, Rachel kisses the mezuzah (the doorpost) hung on the right side and she gets in. She greets her girlfriend Mélanie, she drops her rucksack and her easel off next to the entrance and she joins her in the kitchen. The girls kiss each other on the lips and share a moment of sensual intimacy while they hug each other. Later on Rachel sits down while Mélanie pours a cup of jasmine-scented tea. Immediately after that Mélanie passes to Rachel a closed envelope. Rachel opens the envelope and reads a letter that touches her deeply. Mélanie observes her in silence. It's a letter from her cousin Nena. Flashback. Skopje, Macedonia. Seven months earlier. In a popular quarter of Skopje a stray dog is wandering around every day. People just avoid him passing by. In the same quarter Nena, a young homeless woman is asking for charity at the corner of a street. In the night she reaches a camp along the dock next to the Stone Bridge where she sleeps. One night she shares some food and a bottle of wine with a small homeless family: the man plays the kaval, he has a young wife and a little girl. Sometimes the dog goes to see Nena and gives her something to eat. Nena enjoys his company. Likewise when she has food, she shares it with the dog. One day a young Catholic priest passes by Nena and gets close to her. He’s walking quickly in the company of a rich man. While the priest speaks with the rich man about trips to Europe and a meeting he just looks at the young woman with compassion and smiles without stopping. One evening the priest is sat down in a sports bet agency. He takes off his banicka with meat from the bakery bag. He starts eating a bit. Next to him three big cans of beer lie on the table, two already opened. He opens the third can and looks at his ticket. Two young men seem to speak about the result of a football match, but the priest is drunk and he misunderstands a part of the speech. As the priest understands that he lost the bet he stands up enraged, he goes out from the agency where he throws the half of his banicka with the paper towels and his ticket rolled in a small paper in the bakery bag in a garbage can along the street. The street dog approaches to the garbage can, smells the scent of banicka and takes the bag in his mouth. He crosses the Vardar river and shows up in the camp where Nena usually sleeps. She’s there, wrapped in two warm blankets. The dog wants to share the food inside the bag with her. He puts the bag close to her hand and he wakes her up. Nena opens the bag, hugs the dog and shares the half of banicka with him. After having eaten she opens the bag to take a paper towel when she notices a small paper rolled in a ball. She takes the small rolled paper off: it’s a sports bet ticket. The following morning Nena goes to a sports bet agency. A man working there verifies the bet and he states that it’s actually a winning ticket. Few weeks later Nena sits at the table of a coffee bar with her dog. She’s drinking a coffee with a friend. They speak for a little while, and then her friend leaves. Nena remains alone with her dog. She finishes her coffee and when she’s about leaving, she notices the young priest sat at few tables far from hers. He’s drinking alcohol alone and he looks sad and depressed. Nena stands up with her dog and approaches the table. The young priest looks up. The young woman sits with him and they start to talk. Under the sky of Paris Rachel is sat on a bench. She ends rereading Nena’s letter, her cousin who will go to see her soon. The lady of the portrait sat next to Rachel proposes her to go to drink something at the cafe nearby.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

 Andrea Emanuela Bossoni

Andrea Emanuela Bossoni. Born in Milan, Italy, on July 11th, 1974. Born between the Jewish culture and the Christian one, Andrea has a great mind-openness and Jewish origins (from her father's line). She attends lower and higher secondary school in Milan, Italy. She gets a General Certificate of Education in tourism as Tour Operator in 1995. In 1996, after passing the examination test in three sections, she enters her name and starts attending a two-year professional course at the Motion Pictures, TV and New Media Professional School of Milan, Italy. She gets a post-diploma degree as director assistant / production assistant in 1997. She’s scriptwriter since 1995, film director since 2002. She wrote, directed, sometimes edited and produced all her audiovisual works. In 1998 she starts working as second assistant director during the theatrical rehearsals of Mr Moni Ovadia and TheaterOrchestra “Il Crepuscolo delle Madri” at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan. Several works as freelance between France and Italy follow. In France she works as assistant director and scriptwriter. She is also one of the organization members of a film festival in Rennes, Brittany, France. She works as scriptwriter from 1995. In 2002 she becomes a professional film director. Her first short film written, directed and self-financed and produced “Ricordi Metropolitani” (“Souvenirs Urbains”, “City Recollections”, Betacam SP, 29’, colour - b/w, Italy, broadcasted at the TSR 2, second channel of Télévision Suisse Romande within the TV programme “Signes” in January 2003) wins two awards, one in Brussels in 2002 and the second one in Milan in 2005. In 2003 / 2004 she writes, co-directs and co-edits “Le Rêve d’Un Jour” (original title in French), a tribute to Chaplin and a tribute to the theatre poetics), her second independent short film within a professional editing course (analogical and digital techniques) at the CFTA Institute in Milan. In 2007, after two years of preproduction, she writes, directs and self-finances her third short film “La Voce di Barbara” (“Barbara’s Voice”) about dance and deafness where she reverses social roles showing that handicap is very often just a mental, social or cultural limit. “La Voce di Barbara” wins an award on November 2008 as “Best Document” at the 35th Edition of the International Independent Film Festival of Brussels, Belgium. Between August and September 2008 she writes a novel “Le Crisalidi di Lubiana” printed and published by Zerounoundici Edizioni getting a good review in terms of audience and critics. In May-June 2009 she directs and edits her first art video about the artworks of a young talented Macedonian artist, Nevenka Zraveva, “A Look Beyond - A Journey Into Gala’s Vision” for an art event in parallel of Biennale di Venezia 2009. In 2011 she writes, directs and edits “My New Life In Skopje” (June 2011), a docu-fiction in two versions. She also engaged in developing a challenging cross-cultural project, feature film project “Le Match de Ma Vie” (“The Match of My Life”), her first feature film about sports, friendship and the courage to face the loss and getting back to life again. In 2012 she writes, directs and edits “The Bridge of Memory”(a short film), “It's A Movie Business” (a short film) and “To Sing Her Life” (a documentary) in Skopje, Macedonia. In 2012 she graduates and gets a BA in Cinema and TV Directing at ESRA University for Audiovisual arts in Skopje, Macedonia. In 2013 she writes and publishes her second novel, “The Next Chance”, a short story within a young talented new authors short stories collection published in Rome, Italy. In 2015 she develops “Le Refuge des Miracles” (a documentary). “Second Chance” (a French-Macedonian film production and co-production) and a new script, “The 17th Day”. In 2016 she writes, directs and produces “Second Chance”, a fiction short film, a cross-cultural projects between France and Macedonia, spoken in two languages, subtitled in six languages, released in 2017 and sent to many renowned international film festivals. She is currently searching for some film producers among France and other countries to produce “Le Match de Ma Vie”, a stunning and challenging cross-cultural feature film story. Big challenges and a fiery passion move her inner engine to work hard and get excellent results besides growing as artist and human being. FILMOGRAPHY August 2002, “RICORDI METROPOLITANI” (short film, Italian and Italian Sign Language (LIS), subtitled in two languages, 29’, Beta SP, colour - B/W, Italy). Two awards won. January 2004, “LE RÊVE D’UN JOUR” (short film, no dialogues, 5’, Digital Camera, colour - B/W, Italy) June 2007, “LA VOCE DI BARBARA” (short film, Italian and Italian Sign Language (LIS), subtitled in five languages, 21’, Digital Camera, colour, Italy). One award won. June 2009, “A LOOK BEYOND - A JOURNEY INTO GALA’S VISION” (art video, 9’, colour, Italy) - A second version is available on Youtube (Extended version, 15’, colour, Italy, May 2012) “MY NEW LIFE IN SKOPJE” (short film, docu-fiction, 7'02 (and short version 3' 21), Digital, colour, Macedonia, 2011, subtitles in English December 2012: “THE BRIDGE OF MEMORY” (short film, 14’, Digital HD Pro Camera, colour, Macedonia, Macedonian language, subtitles in English) “TO SING HER LIFE” (documentary, 1h, Digital HD Pro Camera, colour, Macedonia, Macedonian language, subtitles in English) “IT’S A MOVIE BUSINESS” (short film, fiction, 29’, Digital HD Pro Camera, colour, Macedonia, English and Macedonian languages, subtitles in English for the Macedonian dialogues) “SECOND CHANCE” (short film, Fiction, 29:10’, Digital HD Blackmagic 4K Camera, colour, Macedonia, French and Macedonian languages, subtitles in English, French, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Macedonian) Shorts films available on Youtube and Vimeo (except “Second Chance”) AWARDS, RECOGNITIONS AND HONOURS In November 2002 Andrea was honoured with the plate of the city of Brussels for her commitment for the deaf community in the fields of arts (cinema and theatre) and communication. In November 2002 "Ricordi Metropolitani" won an award as one of the best short films at at the 29th Edition of the International Independent Film Festival (29ème Festival International du Film Indépendant) of Brussels, Belgium. In November 2005 "Ricordi Metropolitani" won an award as one of the best short films at the International Film Festival of the Deaf in Milan, Italy (Second Best short film award). In November 2008 "La Voce di Barbara" (“Barbara’s Voice“) won the “Best Document“ award at the 35th Edition of the International Independent Film Festival (35ème Festival International du Film Indépendant) of Brussels, Belgium. FILM PROJECTS AND NOVELS (in development) “Le Match de Ma Vie” (Feature Film Project, international – Fiction) “Le 17ème Jour” (Feature film script - Fiction) “Le Match de Ma Vie” (Novel - Fiction)