I Will Crush You & Go To Hell 

Fabio Soares - 22'25"

 (France, Spain)


At their father’s funeral, Colorado and Louise Fox discover the existence of an exclusive and mysterious heiress: Apple Pie. Together, they set out to find who she is and hit the road to get the money back…


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.




Fabio Soares

FABIO SOARES (writer/director/producer)

Fabio Soares, visual artist educated in the Applied Arts in the first place, revealed himself as a Creative Director in advertising through collaborations and awards for brands like Orange, Samsung, Johnnie Walker, Cannes Festival, LG, etc...

The desire to create his own universe embarked Fabio on a first movie, a medium-length western: Woman With No Name, starring cult singer Bernie Bonvoisin.

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood (starring American cult actress Jane Badler) has won 25 awards and has been acclaimed by critics ("A whore of massive gold nugget", "the successful debut of Tarantino (talented) offspring!", "Rough and ready").

I Will Crush You and Go To Hell continues this journey through the odyssey of two women in search of vengeance and their destiny…

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CÉLIA PAYSAN (writer/director)

Parisian graduate in graphic design, Célia Paysan is passionate about any creative expression in its most diverse forms (music, design, cinema ...)

Despite her young age, her quasi-encyclopedic visual culture takes her to artistic territories blending together typography and photography.

After Several years spent in San Francisco, Célia feeds on a modern and international culture. This comes out in the co-writing of her first film I Will Crush You & Go To Hell.

Younger than her binomial, she nevertheless shares with him a large number of references, including a certain taste for an american kitch and independent cinema.