Les plus courtes  sont toujours les meilleures! 

Daniel Jenny - 16'



Film with sketches in the form of three amoral fables with epilogue in which the characters will learn at their expense that it is better to consult or to think before acting.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Daniel Jenny

I) BIOGRAPHY (Daniel Jenny: author, producer, Director )) : Born in Paris March 28, 1938. 1942/1955 - Primary and secondary education in various private institutions, studies realized by the degree of the PEBC and that of the baccalaureate. Then 3 technical years of graduate studies in the field of Television and Radio. 1959/1963 -Institutions Grammont (TV) as adjuster OS2 then P1sur video post interrupted by two years of military service (Algeria/Germany). 1963/1971 -Several companies, always in the field of television, as technical, sales agent. 1971 -School insurance to enter as an inspector at the Drouot group. 1974 -Creating his own firm of insurance within this same group as General Agent completed by the brokerage with different companies. 1976 to 1985 -Parallel to the activity of insurance, creating a Production Company (discs and tapes: varieties, jazz, disks for children). 1986 -Cessation of this activity to the profit of the film as author, producer and Director of short films, documentaries, music videos, film and video, as well as producer of feature films. 2008 -Sale of his insurance firm and the cessation of all activities in this field Currently, administrator and Chairman Deputy Union of producer, the AFPF, Member of UniFrance, the Agency of the short film, the CSE (dpt Prod/Real) and member of the SACD. (II) FILMOGRAPHY (FMR Productions) : 1981 - Burning Summer (Co - producer - feature film - 85') Director : Philip beard - Distribution: LEITIENNE movies France theatrical release: current 1983 1985 ? The Nephew of Beethoven (Associate producer - feature film - 105') Director : Paul MORISSEY (with Wolfgang Reichmann, , Dietmar Prinz, Jane Birkin) 1987 - The Pond (C/m 16 m/m super inflated 35 m/m color - 11') - Producer Director : Daniel JENNY (with Marie Magnin, Alice Behat and Eloise Rauth) 1988 - The dance of the hook (Clip video color - 3'30) - Producer Director : Daniel JENNY (Editions Ladybug )) 1989 - Dishualerez (Clip 35 m/m color - 4')-song "Deliverance" of Alan STIVELL - Producer Director : Daniel JENNY (Edition FRANCIS DREYFUS MUSIC) Festival of St Amour (France)- Audience award 1993 - Brittany, Land of legends and history (documentary 35 m/m color - 11') - Producer Director : Daniel JENNY 1995 ? Madagascar (C/m 16 m/m color - 12') ? Co-producer Director : Murielle IRIS 1996 - Room 43 (C/m 35 m/m color - 11') ? Co-producer Director : Michel Duveaux 1999 - Broceliande or the legend of a lost world (Documentary/fiction 35 m/m - 12 color?) - Producer Director : Daniel JENNY (with Fanny Esteban and Bernard Le Coq and Fanny Cottençon voices) 2000 - Insurance is a dish best served cold (c/m 35 m/m Nb - 17') - Producer Director : Daniel JENNY (with Bernard the rooster, Fanny Cottençon and Thomas Chabrol) Festival "Ciné my Region" (France) - Special mention Festival International of Film officer in Cognac (France)- Jury Prize (2nd place) Festival of European Film of Houlgate (France)- Award Public 2002 - A dirty story (C/m DV Cam color - 19') ? Producer Director : Daniel JENNY (with Fanny Esteban and Bernard the Rooster) Film Festival of Gruissan (France) - Special jury award, male and female acting awards 2004 ? Alea Jacta Est ! (C/m Beta Digital Kinescope 35 m/m N & B color - 12' - Producer Director : Daniel JENNY (with Bernard the rooster, Fanny Cottençon, François barn, Karine Revelant) Film Festival of the First Screaming of Cosnes/Loire (France) - Prize (2nd place) -The letter ' (C/m DV Cam color - 22') Director : Eddy BENALAL 2005 ? Enough is enough ! (C/m DV Cam color - 8') Director : Daniel JENNY (with Antoine Coesens, Rachel Ruello, Karine Revelant, Pierre Arnaud June) - The unknown power (C/super m 16 m/m - 35 m/m color - 12') Director : Vania PEIRANI-VIGNES 2007 - Guignol if me was tale ! (Documentary color digital 67 ') Director: Murielle Iris 2012- Mission Apo11o (C/m fiction HD and 35 m/m 4 ' in color (VO en/Us/UK) ) Directors : Daniel Jenny and Stéphane GUENIN (Co-production with Matisse Films) Festival of the first (France/Loire - France)- Audience Award Festival International of Nevada (Las Vegas - USA) - Silver Screen Award Puerto Madero International Films Festivals (Argentine) ? Winner of September 2013 - Commitment 1.0 (Feature film 85 ' HD color) - co-producer and executive producer Director : Stéphane GUENIN (with Geoffroy Thiébaut, Franck Cabot-David, Geraldine Giraut, Bruno Henry) 2014 - I need to see some I.D. ! (C/m of 14 ' 15 in color) - HD Director : Daniel JENNY (with Geoffroy Thiébaut, Henri Guybet, Claudine Barjol, Denis Sylvain, Tanya Iskona) Festival of European Film (Houlgate - France)- Audience award Festival of Premieres (Cosne/Loire - France)- Audience Award Festival of the Film short (Voiron - France)- Audience award (2nd place) 2015 ? (Little) Red Riding Hood (Short HD color 4'5 ") - Co-production with Europacific Films - producer Directors : Stéphane GUENIN and Daniel JENNY Horror Film Festival of Navarra (Spain)- Best Foreign Short Movie Texas Ultra Shorts (USA) - Best International Horror Short Short Award Film Festival of Madeira(Portugal) - Laurentian Palms of the Best Short 12 Months Film Festival (Romania)- Editor of the Month (3rd Award) International Cinema DOC (Italy) Independent Film Awards (USA) - International Silver Award for Sound Design - Editing Award for Narrative Short Bronze - Bronze Award for Special Effects/Make-up International Horror Hotel of Hudson (USA)- Award Winning Film Moving Pictures Festivl (Belgique) ? Finalist Shiver International Film Festival (Canada) - Semi-Finalist Great Lakes International Film Festival (Usa) ? Official Claw Award Optical Theatre Horror Film Festival (Italie) - Semi-Finalist Bloody Horror International Film Festival (Canada) - Award of Merit Uk Monthly Film Festival (Gb) - Award Winner Arte non stop Festival (Argentine) Special Mention 2015 ? Disillusion Paris (Short of 14'50 "color) HD - executive producer Director: Tanya ISKONA 2016 - The shortest are always the best ! (C / m color 15 ' (composed of three fables-morales with epilogue) Director : Daniel JENNY - Fuck the Bitch ! (C/film 4 K 5 ' color) Director : Daniel JENNY - Le Soleil est dans le Sac (L/m 90?) ? Co-producer Director : Serge FEIN 2017 - Old School (L/m 75?) ? Co-producer / Executive Producer Director : Enrico Alexander GIORDANO - Rendez-vous au Jardin (L/m 90?) Co-producer Director : Jean-Luc BLANCHET