The Coltrane Code

Monica Mazzitelli - 11'42"



A saxophonist returns to his hotel after a gig. In his room, he finds a woman that introduces herself as Irina. She tells him she was at the gig, asks him if he would like to transfer coded messages through music. Will he become a spy?



Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Monica Mazzitelli

Monica Mazzitelli, born in Rome in 1964. Director, reviewer, writer. 

I am currently participating and winning over forty festivals with a documentary film shot in Mozambique called Dignity, a touching narration of a girls orphanage. I am also competing with a noir short-film called The Coltrane Code. 

A previous short-film called Midsommar from 2013 was also selected for some international festivals. An older short about the evil aspects of copyright "The Disney Trap – How copyright steals our stories", has been watched by over 1,840,000 people on YouTube. 
I shot many videos, in particular for the Swedish jazz pianist Daniel Karlsson. One of them was selected for screening at the national Grammies award, for the first time in jazz music history. 
Before, I have also shot some booktrailers for many important Italian novelists.

I am fully aware that every cent spent in cinema does show in the final product. And yet, I am trying to prove that talent, passion, and a true heart, do make a difference just as well. 
So far, I have won in one fourth of the festivals I have been selected for: I call this a huge result for a Ms Penny(less) Nobody such as me :)