The Story of L’Homme Cirque 

Michael Flume - 30'




“A gripping love story! An epic visual banquet! A masterful reviving of the silent film. One of the most entertaining motion picture to be seen in many a moon”

The Story of L’HOMME CIRQUE. 
A black and white 30 minute silent short-film, made in Basel Switzerland. Filmed in Cinemascope format with Dolby Surround Sound. Music composed and arranged by Olivier Truan, performed by the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra.

Its 1920, David dreams of his own circus, he lives in the barn of Mr. Max's farm. Claudine the daughter of Mr. Max and David fall in love, not a simple love, Claudine is to marry the rich and evil Henry. David has to save her! A dramatic love story with humour and acrobatics, bringing back the good old silent movie times.

In the lead role as David is David Dimitri, son of the late Swiss Clown Dimitri. David worked several years at the Big Apple Circus as an acrobat. He was also seen in the 1983 Hollywood film „Annie“ (Director: John Huston). David Dimitri is currently touring all over Europe with his one man circus, called L’Homme Cirque. 


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Michael Flume

"The Story of L'Homme Cirque" was written, produced, directed and edited by Michael Flume. Born in Basel he lived for 22 years in New York, was a three year full-time acting student at the HB Studio and Actor Studio 1980-83. He also worked as a music producer and was a successful DJ in New York night clubs such as Studio 54, Roxy, Palladium and Limelight. In 1990 he produced short films about the New York scene for Swiss Television. 

Since 2002 Flume is back in his Swiss hometown Basel. In 2006 he founded flume-projects, a company in Basel specialising in film productions. As a all-around filmmaker Flume has produced many advertising films, documentaries and other film projects. He was selected as the Jury president for the 10. anniversary of the International 2016 SWIKOS Short Film Festival. His latest work, L'Homme Cirque, filmed in Basel with David Dimitri is a black and white silent film as in the times of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.  

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