Upper Austria - An Incredible Journey

Geoff Tompkinson - 6'35"



A single take virtual flight through the sites and sounds of Upper Austria.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Geoff Tompkinson

For more than 30 years Geoff Tompkinson has traveled the world as a photographer and timelapse video producer.

Working at different times in the fields of photojournalism, corporate, advertising, Stock, 3D concepts and latterly timelapse and realtime motion clips, Geoff’s work has appeared in most of the world’s reportage publications including The Sunday Times, Sunday Express, Avenue, Ca M’interesse, Smithsonian, Life, Discover, National Geographic, Bunte, Stern and GEO.

Geoff produced the first ever digitally produced commercial timelapse clips, before DSLR’s were available, using a homemade intervalometer with one of the early Nikon Coolpix cameras. He went on to become the world’s first fulltime professional digital timelapse shooter. It was many years before others joined him.

His time-lapse and real-time footage regularly appears on television all over the world as well as in major Hollywood movies.

In 2014 he started developing his HyperZoom™ technique. This has now reached a level where it enables the production of seamless virtual timelapse flights joining real-time, time-lapse, hyperlapse and every other filming technique into a single journey with no visible cuts between the locations.

When not traveling and shooting with his wife Liz, they live on the shores of Lake Hallstatt in Upper Austria.

This film - produced for the Upper Austria Tourism Board - is a seamless flight through a list of iconic locations all over Upper Austria. It took 8months to shoot and post produce this short film during which time the technique HyperZoom™ was further developed and perfected. 
No moving cameras were used in this production and all 'flight' is virtual.