Wishful Thinking

Dennis Nap - 15'



Time disappears when you dream, you feel like you’ve been in your fantasy world for hours, but reality toke only a couple of minutes. Imagine that after your final breath, you glide in your final dream and you biggest wish becomes true. And that dream lasts forever. What would your dream be? Did you ever think about that? The old Walter did, he knows very wel. He cherished his dream since 1961. This film worshipper and owner of his own old-fashioned filmtheater urges for decades after that one meeting, that one caress, huge, kiss and sleep… with the unreachable love of his live: Marilyn Monroe. One night his heart gives up, shall his dearest wish become true?



Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.




Dennis Nap

After his graduation as an director for fiction film at the filmschool Sint-Lukas in Brussels in 1998, Dennis Nap goes on as an cinematographer for fiction films and documentaries. Many productions in which he was involved got awards on several international festivals. After a while doing other jobs I picked up filming in 2010 with filming and editing two documentaries “What was Massa” and “Jonge Held” which was broadcasted by VPRO Television. In 2015 he started directing again after 17 years since his last short. “Wishful Thinking" produced in 2017 is now his 4th short film. Visit his website www.napproducties.nl to see and learn more about his work.