Daniel Jenny - 5'



Where a woman, interested in money easily earned in a somewhat doubtful manner, suddenly sees her hopes fly away.


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Daniel Jenny 

BIOGRAPHY : Daniel Jenny was born in Paris on March 28, 1938. From 1942 to 1955, he studied elementary and secondary education in various private institutions, studies concretized by the diploma of the BEPC and that of the Baccalauréat. Then three years of Advanced Technical Studies in the field of Radio / Electricity and Television. He then joined the Etablissements Grammont (television) as a trimmer on the assembly bench where he remained for four years interrupted by two years of military service. He then worked, from 1963 to 1971, in various companies, always in the field of television, as technical agent, then technico-commercial. He left this profession in 1971 to make a School of Insurance which allows him to enter Inspector Drouot Group. Three years later, he started a sole proprietorship by setting up his own insurance firm within the same Group as General Agent until his official retirement in 2009. At the same time, from 1976 to 1985 he Produces discs and cassettes (Variety, jazz, children's discs). Then he ceased this activity for the benefit of the Cinema and started a career of author, producer and director of short films, documentaries, cinema and video clips, as well as producer of feature films. He is a director of a producer union (AFPF), a member of UniFrance, the Agence du Court-Métrage, the CST (Prod / Réal dpt) and the SACD. FILMOGRAPHY A) Producer & Co-producer (Feature films): 1981 - L'ETE ARDENT (Director: Philippe BARBE) - (Actor) 1985 - NEVEU DE BEETHOVEN (Director: Paul MORISSEY) 2013 - L'ENGAGEMENT 1.0 (Director: Stéphane GUENIN) - Executive Producer 2016 - THE SUN IS IN THE SAC (Director: SergeFEIN) - (Actor) 2017 - OLD SCHOOL (Director: Enrico GIORDANO) - (Actor) RENDEZ-VOUS AU JARDIN (Director: Jean-Luc BLANCHET) - (Actor) B) Producer (Short films): 2014 - PARIS DESILLUSIONS - fiction (Director: Tanya ISKONA) - (Actor) C) Co - producer (Short films): 1995 - MADAGASCAR - fiction (Director: Muriel IRIS) 1996 - CHAMBRE 43 - fiction (Director: Michel DUVEAUX) - (Actor) 2004 - LA LETTRE - fiction (Director: Eddy BENALAL) 2005 - LE POUVOIR INCONNU - fiction (Director: Vania PEIRANI-VIGNES) 2007 - SI GUIGNOL M'ETAIT CONTE - documentary (Director: Muriel IRIS) D) Producer and director (short films): 1987 - THE ETANG - Fiction 1988 - LA DANSE DU CROCHET - Video Clip 1989 - DISHUALEREZ (Movie Clip - Song by Alan Stivell) 1999 - BROCELIANDE OR THE LEGEND OF A DISAPPEARED WORLD - Docu-fiction 2000 - INSURANCE IS A FLAT THAT IS EAT COLD - Fiction (Actor) 2002 - UNE SALE HISTORY - Fiction (Actor) 2004 - ALEA JACTA IS! - Fiction (Actor) 2005 - TOO, IT'S TOO! Fiction - (Actor) 2012 - MISSION APO11O - Fiction (Actor: voice) (Co-production with Stéphane GUENIN) 2014 - PAPERS, PLEASE! Fiction - (Actor) 2015 - (LITTLE) RED RIDDING HOOD (The Little Red Riding Hood 2015) - Fiction (Co-realization with Stéphane GUENIN) 2017 - THE SHORTEST ARE ALWAYS THE BEST! - Fiction (Actor)           - WELL TO WHOM !? - Fiction (Actor) Not completed:         - 50 YEARS OF CAREER - Documentary (Direction: Carole Chauvet) In preparation (Feature film - 90 '- Direction: Daniel JENNY)):          - YOU WILL STAND BETTER .... SOON! - Fiction (Actor)