Blood Sport

Cara McWilliam-Richardson - 0'26"

 (United Kingdom)


Two hunters prepare their rifles, but their sights are set on something rather sinister.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Cara McWilliam-Richardson

Cara McWilliam-Richardson has loved film for as long as she can remember, and after working on the feature length film 'Dishonoured' in 2015 - she hasn't looked back! Since then she has tried to gain as much experience on set as possible, working on short film and feature length projects as both a writer and a camera assistant. 'Bloodsport' is her directorial debut.

Making a micro horror short film was great fun but also a challenge! The weather on the day was terrible but both cast and crew were brilliant - and rose to the challenge spectacularly. I wanted 'Blood Sport' to be a film that both shocked and entertained, and I think we achieved that.