Just Dance

Natalie Kennedy - 5'

 (United Kingdom)


"A film about freedom through dance"

Film director Natalie Kennedy has paired with the dancer led, disability inspired charity DanceSydrome (www.dancesyndrome.co.uk). Together they have created a unique dance performance film reflecting the individual nature of the charity. Inspiring people of all ages and abilities to support themselves and achieve their dreams, this short dance film highlights this achievement, the ability to overcome all obstacles and to “Just Dance”.

A film by Natalie Kennedy

Created with the charity DanceSyndrome

Original score by Robert John Baldwin


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Natalie Kennedy 

Natalie Kennedy was born in Manchester, England in 1984. Her mother is a fashion designer and manufacturer and her father is a musician, actor and playwright. Natalie is best known for her work directing, though she has also worked on a number of notable short and feature films as a cinematographer and assistant director. She started off in the theatre and grew up watching family members onstage, and quickly went into acting from a young age. This developed into writing and producing original plays, as well as working on other productions. Her work as a photographer naturally led into filmmaking, and though Natalie's main focus is now in film she still works in theatre from time to time. Her play Parents Without Children had a recent nomination for the prestigious Manchester Theatre Awards, and has also won her Best Director for the North West Theatre Awards. Natalie has a 1st class degree from Salford University in 'Media and Performance' and has been developing her career as a film director and cinematographer, with her short films receiving worldwide appreciation, festival recognition and noted industry attention, including BAFTA award winning writer Geoff Thompson, and award winning film director David Attwood, amongst others.

As a filmmaker I want to tackle issues that challenge people and that can change perceptions in a positive way. I want to make stories about people that can hopefully make a difference in all aspects of life. With this film I want to help overcome out-dated stereotypes about disability and show that we are all unique in our own way as trends begin to change.

With “Just Dance” I wanted to create a project that was very pure and expressive. There are no words in the film yet I feel it has a lot to say. The project is a contemporary dance piece set on Crosby Beach amongst the stone men, who watch the dancers expressionless and unmoving, not judging, just existing with them in that open space. The dance collective and charity DanceSyndrome are made up of both able and disabled performers, who merge together seamlessly. Through dance they get to express themselves in a pure way. Everyone is equal within the group, and disability is never the focus, only dance is, hence the title. Simple and honest, I hope it can challenge peoples perceptions of disability, and inspire others to follow their passion.