Nirobon Yuenyong - 3'35"

 (Thailand, United Kingdom)


Separation and divorce earnestly are painful processes that disrupt the live of families especially their children who have to cope with the crisis of parents’ separation. Midst is the story about a boy who has to learn to deal with the emotional trauma of separation. The conflicts remain unresolved when disagreements are brought up again and again that the boy often witnesses between parent and it results him in anxiety. Thus, the boy tries to distance himself from the arguments and tries to block out everything emotionally. The flashback of good memories appears at the same time. Family was positively happy at that time but unfortunately, reality is what is real. The boy perceives and learns to let go with things he cannot change.




Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.



Nirobon Yuenyong

Education and Qualifications :

(2004-2006): Satriwithaya high school,Bangkok,Thailand 
(2007-2009): Christchurch girl’s high school, New Zealand 
(2009-2013): Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multimedia Design An International Double Degree Program in collaboration between Silpakorn University International College and Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) 
(2014-2016): Master Degree at University for the creative arts, England

Work experiences:

- Work Internship at Renegade VFX company 2012 
- Freelance graphic designer 2010 - 2014 
- A motion graphic designer at Gmm Grammy company 2014 ( Gmm music Channel )

My interest in art design and media started when I was young. I remember watching animations and reading comic books. Both brought me a lot of joy and made me a huge fan of animation in general. I loved the way they told a story, and I loved the roles and the characters. This inspired me to start drawing pictures and sparked my interest in art later on. Art was to quickly become my favorite subject in school and I felt more joy and aliveness in doing art than in any other subject.

Throughout studying at university, I realized that my energy and interest were drawn toward animation. It excites me to see a series of lifeless illustrations come to life as the finished animated product. Animation has also allowed me to comprehend the drama of everyday human life and Mostly, my project have been influenced by daily life.

I would define myself as an animator and graphic designer who also enjoys hands on art such as drawing and painting. As a result, my animation incorporates knowledge from all aspects of visual art. Aesthetics such as lighting, space, and color are just as important in animations.