Silvano Plank - 4'



Two young ladies are going to the Montiggler lake to meet them with there girlfriend. After coincidentally they get synthetic drugs they will have a negative experience….. Small sense of the Meaning of Life.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Silvano Plank

BIOGRAFY Born at Innsbruck (A) in 03/26/1962 and is also an Italian citizen Lived in Innsbruck, St. Johann/Tirol (A), Vienna (A), Teheran (Iran), London (GB), and since 1978 living at Bolzano-Bozen (Italy) FILMOGRAPHY First realisations in Super-8mm at Innsbruck and London in 1976 and others at Bolzano untill 1988 from1994 untill april 1999 member of the Cineclub Bolzano from 1998 untill the end of 2001 member of VCK/Video Club Kaltern/Caldaro charter member of the section: sezione cinema dell’UPAD (Università Popolare delle Alpi e Dolomiti) con sede a Bolzano born in febbruary 1999 from august 1999 member of the FAB/Film Amatori Bolzano and from november 2002 in the managerial of the FAB and since 01/06/2005 untill Dezember, 1st 20 there vicepresident. from 2003 cooperation with Dorothea Kelderer (idea and editing, animation by Mars Revival) – First cooperation with Daniele Malfatti in 2009 with the fiction Financial Advisor. From may.13.2011 untill oktober 2013 and again from Febbruary to June 2014 the president of the „sezione cinema“ from the Upad at Bozen/Bolzano until september Since Dicember 2012 collaboration for FXS-audio and video and Filters with Mauro Manzo. Since March 2014 a member of the AVV – Videoclub of Vinschgau/Val Venosta. From 2013 untill 2016 working together with Roman Waldthaler for editing and visual effects. In 2013 created the private Videogroup called “Videojunkies” with Maria Egger, Hans-Jörg Kofler and Roman Waldthaler.