The Sense 

Kaan Atilla Taskin - 4'34"



A father who has lost his wife and children in the war in his country has been stuck in his own world in another country and the pain keeps hurt him every day.



Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

Kaan Atilla Taskin

Kaan Atilla Taskin, born in 1988, Trabzon, Turkey. He graduated from Radio, Cinema and Television Depatment of Istanbul University in 2011. He got Cinema acting aducation at the Plato Film School by Ayla Algan. 
And then, He worked as a reji assistant at some films. He got ' Cinema Directing Education' for 8 months in 2013 at the center of cinema of Istanbul University. 
He recorded his first short film, called 'Bilyali' in Trabzon with his family, and then filmed some other short films such as 'Where is my teacher?' and 'Cuckoo.' 
His short films were shown at some festivals in Turkey and abroad. He complated his first long film called 'Beyond The Clouds' and short film called 'The Sense' in 2017. 
He still has some theoretical and practical projects about cinema.

I do not have a language for my short film The Sense. Dialogue is not written. 
Short film without dialogue.