David Valverde Martínez - 2'



"Unique" ("Only one") is a short film where the film protests to the jury that selects the films at each festival.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.

David Valverde Martínez

David Valverde Martinez is a filmmaker who has made himself. Expelled from the school of photography in Barcelona (the following year they exhibited pictures of me right there, as an example for the students) and without having entered any school of Cinematography, I decided to embark on this exciting journey in 1990. I have participated in many International Festivals , I had the honor of being given a Section to my name at the International Film Festival of Catalonia (Sitges Film Festival) in 2003 where I was able to present all the short films I wanted. I was in the Forum of Cultures 2004 of Barcelona with other works. At the Berlinale too. In Buenos Aires making an exhibition of Photography and Video (Esteban Lisa Foundation, year 2005), and so on ... Then came the silence. After a tough fight against the disease of pancreatitis, in 2014 I embarked on a pioneering project in northern Argentina: The Film Workshop for Children and Adolescents (I came to this country because of the crisis, although I miss my hometown: Barcelona) . In this project I try to teach Cinematography to the little ones, where pedagogy and art come together and project lots of moments of happiness, fun and ... very interesting short films! I wondered if we could enter the professional circuit of Short Film Festivals in 3 years and ... here we are! Being selected with several works of my students from 2017, and winning prizes in addition! This is paradise! Attached link to my resume. http://tallerdecine.foro.bz/h6-curriculum-david-valverd