Unusual Journey 

Marcantonio Lunardi - 3'



This video talks about the unusual journey of an African boy and the paradoxes of its narration in the Occident. An African man swimming in front of a camera connected to a TV that shows the image to a Caucasian man sitting in a armchair. This is the short-circuit represented by Lunardi following the path of political asylum seekers in Europe. In this video the stories of each of them become, in the face of public opinion, a dress from which they can no longer get rid of. Exactly like the thermal blankets that envelop them upon their arrival.


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Director not to present this film for Public, the Jury can award the film through private screening.


Marcantonio Lunardi

BORN: May 14, 1968 Lucca ADDRESS: Via Solcini 3 - 55022 Bagni di Lucca - LU - Italy E-MAIL: info@marcantonio.eu WEBSITE: http://www.marcantonio.eu PHONE NUMBER: +39 3476215223 BIOGRAPHY Graduated as documentary director, since 2001 Lunardi has been involved in social and political documentation by working on installations, documentaries and video art works. After mastering at the Festival of Peoples in Florence with Michael Glawogger, Sergei Dvortsevoy, Thomas Heise and Andres Di Tella started a journey in the motion picture industry experimenting with languages ??at the boundary between real cinema and video art. His works have been exhibited at prestigious international institutions such as the National Art Center in Tokyo, Galerie Nasional Indonesia in Jakarta, the Fondazione Centro Studi Ragghianti in Lucca, the Video Tage Center in Hong Kong, the Museum on the Seam of Jerusalem , The Videoart Yearbook of the Department of Visual Arts of the University of Bologna. Lunardi was also host to various experimental film festivals and featured videos such as Bilbao's International Cine and Video Experimental Festival, Shanghai's N Minutes Video Art Festival, the Cairo Video Festival in Cairo, the Invideo Festival in Milan, the Video Art & Experimental Film Festival - Tribeca Cinemas in New York. Numerous contemporary biennales include Bienal of Fin del Mundo in Chile and Argentina, Chongqing International Biennial of Contemporary Art in China and Bienal Internacional de Videoarte y Animation in Mexico. He lives and works, in his choice, in the mountain village of Bagni di Lucca 25 Km from Lucca (Italy) FILMOGRAPHY 2016, The Cage, 05?:46?? 2015, The Edge, 03?:06?? 2015, Anthropometry 154855, 03?:36?? 2015, The Idol, 03?:50??2014, The world of Caspar, 01?:50?? 2014, Public Space ? choreography ? dance, 04?:44?? 2014, Public Space, 03?:45?? 2014, 370 New World, 05?:08?? 2013, Voli d?arte, English (subtitle Italian), 29?:33?? 2013, Konsky ? performance, 05?:16?? 2013, Fall-out, English (subtitle Italian), 03?:03?? 2013, No ? The victims? cry, 02?:30?? 2013, The Choir, 04?:13?? 2012, Default, English (subtitle Italian), 02?:53?? 2011, Trilogy of decadence 1 - Laboratorie Italie, English (subtitle English, French, Spanish), 02?:20?? 2011, Trilogy of decadence 2 ? Suspension, English (subtitle Italian), 02?:24?? 2011, Trilogy of decadence 3 ? Last 21 Days, Italian (subtitle English), 05?:00 2011, Il domani era venuto ? Storie di donne resistenti, Italian, 31?:37?? 2011, Srebrenica dance, 2?:40?? 2010, Arte fragile, Turkish (subtitle Italian), 18?:11?? 2010, Bebe?, 11?:16?? 2009, Alla Luna, Italian, 03?:35?? 2009, La casa che non c?e?, Somali (subtitle Italian), 11?:47?? 2009, Qui e altrove, 5?:51?? 2008, La fenice acquatica, 02?:15??