Blue Danube Film Festival
4 November 2017 - 4 December 2017- online


The 1st Blue Danube Film Festival took place at the end of 2017, where 344 films from 62 countries contest in 6 categories for valuable prizes and awards. Various themes, smart solutions, brave experiments and mostly up to par films could be seen by the international (from Austria, Belgium and Hungary) adjudicators and the visitors of the webpage ( too, who could watch those movies online whitch was allowed to watch by it's creators. Until 20th November the pool of the nominated films were narrowed into an "Official Selection" and at last the final ranking was born on 4th December...


In the Short film category the German Paul Philipp won the first prize with the The peculiar abilities of Mr Mahler, whitch unfolded Mr Mahler peculiar abilities in a 29 minutes long gripping story, soundly constructed and precisely finished. Lili Schwabe from Austria won the Best Director award for Underpressure, a brilliant picture from the mental and physical stress of woman with a career and a family, a not judgeing movie, whitch left a lot of questions to think about. For ALZHAÏMOUR Pierre Van de Kerckhove got the Special Prize, a humanely drawn story of two elderly unwholesome people pitch upon each other with lot of humour and a surprising wimple.


The peculiar abilities of Mr Mahler

Paul Philipp


Best Director


Lilli Schwabe


Special Jury Award


Pierre Van de Kerckhove


Super Short

Amongst the Super Short (less than 5 minutes) films Iván Sáinz-Pardo won the First Prize with the  DIE FREUNDIN (The homegirl) shown us a relationship between two women (friendship? trust?...) unexpected twist, excellent directoring. The Best Director prize was given to Paul Scheufler from Austria for the Taste of Love  about the different tastes, colours and forms of love. Kaan Atilla Taskin from Turkey got the Special Prize for The Sense. A drama of a man in a warlike situation with fine filming solutions.

DIE FREUNDIN (The homegirl)

Iván Sainz-Pardo



Taste of Love

Paul Scheufler


Best Director

The Sense

Kaan Atilla Taskin


Special Jury Award


In Documentary The Sad Monk, a work of the German Diana Frankovic bewitched the jury most. A Buddhist monk try to find his way to happiness in a scene of the modern world with a fresh approach. The film of Thomas Pagliaro, Swimming in gold got one of the Special Prizes, it shows the two different way in the world of two refugee brother from Afganistan pictured by the clear documentary tools. The other was given to Monica Mazzitelli from Italy, who lead us into the world of Mozambiqian women who grow up in orphanage or in  necessity and show us their strength and willing to live in Dignity, in an exemplary way in human rights.


The Sad Monk

Diana Frankovic

(Germany, Nepal)

Special Jury Award

Swimming in gold

Thomas Pagliaro


Special Jury Award


Monica Mazzitelli

(Italy, Mozambique)


 The First Prize in Experimental films was given to Gianluca Colitta for  Fragments of Winter. A real open-minded experimental movie streches the lines of film-making with magnificent pictures. A Singaporeian Yvonne Ng who lives in the USA got the Best Director award in this category. Her film Cloud Kumo  gives us a new approach of the positive attitude of life of the survivors of the Hirosima's atom bombing. The special prize in this category Maria Reinhardt-Szyba got for the Fire Water Earth Air and Time. In this surreal movie the dissection of the  question of time makes us thinking.  

Fragments of Winter

Gianluca Colitta



Cloud Kumo

Yvonne Ng

(United States, Japan)

Best Director

Fire Water Earth Air and Time

Maria Reinhardt-Szyba


Special Jury Award


 In the Animated Films category the film of the German Brenda Lien Call of Cuteness won, where an all-seeing camera shows us the outraged endavour to rule of an oppressive society with chiselled pictures through the eyes of a cat protagonist and victim. The Best Direcor award was given to Sergiu Negulici from Romania for the animation Splendisa Moarte Accident an unexpected tale in an unconventional way. Heta Jäälinoja from Finnland got the Special Prize for an estonian animation, in whitch we meet and fell love with flourishly drawn Penelope.


Call of Cuteness

Brenda Lien


Best Director

Splendida Moarte Accident

Sergiu Negulici


Special Jury Award


Heta Jäälinoja

(Estonia, Finland)


 Thanks for all the competitors in Hopeless category for their braveness and undersanding the mindfullness and playfulness of the categorie.  All the nominated films were way too good for this categorie!:)

Seattle Death Trains

Gene Bernofsky

(United States)


Epizoda ?

Graeme Cole

(Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Dreaming a better day

Po-Yang Chang